Brent and Caite



1st Leg: 7th Place *
2nd Leg: 4th Place
3rd Leg: 7th Place **
4th Leg: 7th Place (worked together with Jordan and Jeff in the Intersection route marker)
5th Leg: 6th Place ***
6th Leg: 6th Place ^
7th Leg: 3rd Place
8th Leg: 4th Place
9th Leg: 2nd Place (Use the U-Turn on Carol & Brandy)
10th Leg:

* - Arrived 2nd, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for going on foot instead of taking the funicular from the Roadblock as instructed in their clue; they dropped to 7th.

** - At the beginning of Leg Number 3, Brent & Caite were originally supposed to depart 4th, but because both had to be treated for dehydration at the emergency room in a local hospital, they departed last, 3 hours and 5 minutes after their scheduled time.

*** - Arrived 6th, but had missed the clue at the U-Turn, having arrived at their additional task by chance. They had to backtrack to the U-Turn to receive their clue. This did not affect their placement.

^ - Arrived 3rd, but did not complete the Detour, having arrived at the Pit Stop by chance after following Carol & Brandy. They had to backtrack to complete the Detour and eventually checked in 6th.

Birth Name

Brent and Caite


The AMAZING RACE, Season 16,


"Anonymous?" – Brent

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