Brandon Barash


Date Of Birth

October 4, 1979


Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara

Actor Brandon Barash was born on October 4, 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is the son of Jerry Barash and Susan Hughes, and the stepson of Judge Leonard Hughes III and Karen Macy Barash.  He has two other siblings, namely Jordan and Alison.  Brandon constantly travel between Texas and California, and spent his growing up years in both places.

During his teenage years, his ambition was to become a cardiac surgeon.  He was in high school when he underwent a knee surgery just to be able to play basketball in college.  It was also during high school that he first acted in a musical, after his girlfriend secretly put him in the audition.  After the experience, he forgot about becoming a surgeon and focused on his new passion instead.  He studied at Memorial High School in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA degree in Acting.  Brandon also attended the Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop.  His years of acting experiences made him an expert in the fields of stage combat, juggling, singing and voice impression.  His other skills are playing the piano and speaking Spanish.

Aside from performing, Brandon Barash also enjoys a variety of sports such as racquetball, baseball, football, fencing and golf.

He was seen on shows Gilmore Girls , Tell Me You Love Me , Navy NCIS : Naval Crime Investigative Service, 24 , The West Wing and Threat Matrix.  His film credits are Ten Inch Hero, Dark Mind and Crash Landing.

Johnny Zacchara is played by Brandon Barash on ABC's longest running daytime soap General Hospital .

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Place of Birth

St. Louis, Missouri

Birth Name

Brandon Joseph Barash



Fun Facts

Graduated from Memorial High School in Houston, Texas.





2005: Crash Landing - Roger


2007-present: General Hospital - Johnny Zacchara
2007: Tell Me You Love Me - Frank
2006: Navy NCIS - Derrick Paulson
2005: 24 - CTU Tech Brandon
2003: The West Wing - Bret
2003: Threat Matrix - Marine #1
2002-2004: Gilmore Girls - Jamie







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