Brad and Victoria



The Amazing Race 14
1st Leg: 6th Place
2nd Leg: 5th Place
3rd Leg: 9th Place/Eliminated

3rd Team Eliminated - 3/1/2009

Married couple Brad and Victoria is one of eleven teams racing around the world in the 14th season of The Amazing Race.

52-year-old Brad Hunt works as a distribution dispatcher; he overcome drug and alcohol addiction and staying clean for a quarter of a century. His wife, 47-year-old Victoria, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a child and was once told that she could never run again after foot surgery; she currently works as a tax manager and is fitter than ever. The two went through many marriages—this is Brad’s second, and Victoria’s third—and, while not seeing each other always, have kept their marriage strong for the past nine years.

The team is out to prove that anything is possible in life. Both have gone through numerous challenges and is now on the race to have some fun and stock up on experience. For them, winning the million-dollar prize is just icing on the cake; what matters is that they are challenged in many ways, and they are drawn closer to each other—regardless of Brad’s cynicism.

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Brad and Victoria


The Amazing Race, Season 14, 9th Place

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