From Miami Florida comes Ezra a.k.a. Buddha, a life coach, model and personal trainer who invests in real estate. He considers himself to be faithful and spiritual.

Buddha has appeared on numerous reality shows over the years, including Helldate on BET, as well as Gay, Straight, or Taken. One of his biggest passions in life is speaking out about the obesity epidemic amongst the African-American community. In a post on his blog, Buddha stated:

"I don't find obesity to be a laughing matter when nearly 70% of African American women over the age of 25 are over-weight, 40% of which are suffering from some form of obesity related illness and 90% of which are EXPECTED to suffer from some form of obesity related illness within the next 10 years. Be clear that I AM NOT condoning super-skinny bean pole models and whatever. I am condoning and applauding my Healthy, Fit, Curvaceous, Women of Color!! My approach can be summed up as, 'CHERISH the queen you are.'"

Buddha was featured on VH1's second installment of the reality dating game, I Love New York. There, he competed with 19 other men for the heart of Tiffany “New York” Pollard. He emerged as one of the lucky 10 chosen from the regular casting process. However, he was eliminated on episode 4 for causing violence. He was brought back afterwards, and soon emerged as the runner-up of the show. Since then, he joined the reality competition I Love Money 2, but was sent home on episode 4.

(Photo courtesy of VH1)

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