Billy Jeffrey



Billy Jeffrey is a man who claims that he is such a workaholic that it makes girls a little uneasy. He lives a double life, as an entrepreneur and dancer originally from Lewiston, Idaho. When he's not running his vitamin shop franchise in his hometown, he performs as a Chippendale's in Las Vegas. According to him, he was teased growing up, although he never let this affect his self-confidence. His work and the amount of time he devotes on them makes it hard for him to establish a long-term romantic relationships. To his defense, he says he is just goal-driven.

Jeffrey starred in the ABC reality show True Beauty that puts the spotlight on ten people who are beautiful on the outside who'd try to see if they have what the show calls "true beauty" - beauty on the inside. He placed third in the competition. Since then, he worked towards helping others improve their health and fitness.




2010: Dating in the Dark (TV series) - Himself
2009: True Beauty (TV series) - Himself

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