Billy Burke


Date Of Birth

November 25, 1966


Actor Billy Burke was born on November 25, 1966 in Bellingham, Washington. His love for performing began when he was nine years old, later joining a band at age 15. He continued pursuing his musical interests while studying drama at the Western Washington University. His initial stints in stage, both in Seattle and in New York City, led to his first film, the 1990 independent release Daredreamer. This was followed by many other films, as well as guest roles in television series such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Party of Five.

Burke’s career took an upswing in 2000, when he took a recurring role in the drama series Wonderland. Later, he took a couple more recurring roles: one in 24, as abusive employer Gary Matheson; and another on Gilmore Girls. During the time, he took several other film roles, appearing in Ladder 49, Forfeit, Fracture, and Twilight. Burke was later cast on the TNT drama series Rizzoli & Isles, as well as on the 2011 film Red Riding Hood.

In 2012, Burke was cast to spearhead the NBC series Revolution as Miles Matheson. Following the cancellation of Revolution in 2014, he guest starred as Phillip Stroh on Major Crimes. At present, he is part of the TV series Zoo.

Place of Birth

Bellingham, Washington

Birth Name

William Albert Burke



Fun Facts

-His daughter's name is Bluesy LaRue Burke. She was
born while he was starring in Twilight.

-Burke is one of the "famous faces" on the online poker website Hollywood Poker.


2015: Zoo
2015: Major Crimes
2012-2014: Revolution - Miles
2010: Rizzoli & Isles (TV series) - Gabriel Dean
2010: Eclipse - Charlie Swan
2009: New Moon - Charlie Swan
2009: Ticket Out - Dennis
2009: Baby O - Sergio
2000-2009: Wonderland (TV series) - Dr. Abe Matthews
2009: The Closer (TV series) - Mr. Stroh
2008: Twilight - Charlie Swan
2008: Fringe (TV series) - Lucas Vogel
2008: My Boys (TV series) - Jack
2008: The Grift - Wade Buchanan
2008: Untraceable - Detective Eric Box
2007: Feast of Love - David Watson
2007: Fracture - Lt. Robert 'Rob' Nunally
2007: Forfeit - Frank
2007: Law & Order (TV series) - Attorney Farmer
2007: Backyards & Bullets (TV)
2007: Three Days to Vegas - Billy Simpson
2004: Ladder 49 - Dennis Gauquin
2004: The Jury (TV series) - John Ranguso
2004: Monk (TV series) - Brad Terry
2003: Karen Sisco (TV series) - Merle Salchek
2002-2003: 24 (TV series) - Gary Matheson
2003: Lost Junction - Jimmy McGee
2003: Gilmore Girls (TV series) - Alex Lesman
2003: Something More - Peter
2002: Flashpoint(TV) - Shaw
2001: Final Jeopardy (TV) - Mike Chapman
2001: Along Came a Spider - Ben Devine
2001: After Image - Sammy
2000: The Independent - Dwayne
1999: Komodo - Oates
1999: Dill Scallion - Dill Scallion
1998: Don't Look Down (TV) - Mark Engel
1998: Without Limits - Kenny Moore
1998: Jane Austen's Mafia! - Joey Cortino
1997: VR.5 (TV series) - Marco
1996: Marshal Law (TV) - Monk
1996: The Ultimate Lie (TV)
1996: Gone in the Night (TV) - Rob Kinney
1994-1996: Party of Five (TV series) - Gil
1995: Strange Luck (TV series)
1995: Vanishing Son (TV series) - Spider McKeun
1995: All-American Girl (TV series) - Cody
1994: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV series) - Ari
1991: To Cross the Rubicon - James Bird
1990: Daredreamer




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