Big Rig


Date Of Birth

December 17, 1982


Big Rig became known as one of the 20 contestants in the VH1 reality show Daisy of Love, featuring Rock of Love 2 runner-up Daisy De La Joya. On Daisy of Love, the guys are taken into a posh Hollywood Hills mansion and pitted against each other for the niece of boxing star Oscar De La Joya. One of them was eliminated every episode, and Big Rig was sent home on episode 6. He has since risen to fame as a professional wrestler, retiring from his MMA career. Later, he was included in the third season of I Love Money, but the show was canceled before it could air due to a controversy involving one of its contestants.

Place of Birth

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Birth Name

Jeremiah Riggs




Big Rig


6 Feet


"Come on, Daisy. Don't be blind"

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