Beat Ya Feet Kings



Beat Ya Feet Kings is one of nine crews that are part of the fourth season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Based in Washington, D.C., they pioneered a style called “Beatin Ya Feet”—a mix of footwork and energy. While it’s currently popular only in the nation’s capital, they have performed at Dance Africa NYC, as well as for Showtime and MTV’s inauguration special. They’re also proud of their deep connection with each other, as they and their families are very close.

23-year-old Brandon “Locks” Faulker came from the Virgin Islands and works for UPS.

24-year-old Dante “Styles” Hancock has a daughter named Genesis, and is a fan of Omarion.

26-year-old Jose “Foots” Hancock doesn’t let his illiteracy get in the way, and is a father of four.

22-year-old Porche “Queen” Anthony is the leader of the crew, and the only girl. She has a two-year-old out of wedlock, and vows never to make that mistake again.

24-year-old Richard “Richboy” Ogunsiakan would be in the Army if not for his dancing, and also plays the piano.

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