Balthazar Getty


Date Of Birth

22 January, 1975


Actor and musician Paul Balthazar Getty was born on January 22, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. The descendant of multi-billionaire oil magnate Jean Paul Getty, he grew up in San Francisco, and entered the movie business in 1987. He was spotted by a talent scout and was subsequently cast in the film Lord of the Flies, the second film adaptation of the similarly-named novel. The producers wanted him to appear in the film so much, that when he suffered an arm fracture after falling from a tree prior to the shoot, they wrote the injury into his character. The film was eventually released in 1990.

Getty spent most of the 1990s and the early 2000s appearing in films. He starred in released such as Young Guns II, December, Halfway House, Natural Born Killers, Judge Dredd, Mr. Holland’s Opus (in an uncredited role), Lost Highway, MacArthur Park and Ladder 49.

However, Getty is more known for his roles in television. After concentrating his career acting for films, he took his first regular television role in the short-lived drama Pasadena, which aired in 2001; he played one of the lead character’s (Alison Lohman) uncles, Nate Greeley. Two years later, he took a recurring role in the supernatural-themed series Charmed; he played a cursed witch who starts a relationship with Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan). This was followed by a role in the miniseries Traffic, inspired by the acclaimed film of the same name.

In 2005, he took a major role in Alias’ fifth and final season, playing mysterious APO agent Thomas Grace. His character was treated somehow questionably by his colleagues, and as the season rolled out, he pursues (without approval) the person who murdered his wife. In 2006, he joined the cast of the drama Brothers & Sisters, playing one of the five Walker siblings, struggling middle child Tommy.

Getty has also begun work as a musician. He is one-half of the indie electronic band Ringside; they have released an eponymous debut album in 2005, and are working on their second release. Since then, he has made appearances on shows like Hawaii Five-O, Medium and Rizzoli & Isles.

Place of Birth

Tanzana, California

Birth Name

Paul Balthazar Getty



Fun Facts

- He used to play hockey for a team in Burbank, California.

- As a child, he was nicknamed Little Buddha because of the red birthmark on his forehead. He also smiled rarely at the time.

- On the fingers of his right hand, he has the word "BZAR" tattooed.

- He and his friend Scott Thomas formed a band known as Ringside.

- One of his hobbies is riding motorcycles.

- He is fluent in German.



2006-2011: Brothers & Sisters (TV series) - Tommy Walker/Tommy March
2010: Hawaii Five-0 (TV series) - Walton Dawkins
2010: Rizzoli & Isles (TV series) - Tom Garvin
2009: Medium (TV series) - Christopher Dennis Sipes
2008: West of Brooklyn - Man at door
2007: Brothers & Sisters: Family Album (TV movie) - Tommy Walker
2006: The Tripper - Jimmy
2005-2006: Alias (TV series) - Thomas Grace
2006: Dirtbags (TV movie) - Scotty
2005: Feast - Bozo
2005: Ghost Whisperer (TV series) - Michael
2005: Into the West (TV mini-series) - David Wheeler
2005: Slingshot - Taylor
2004: Ladder 49 - Ray Gauquin
2003-2004: Charmed (TV series) - Richard Montana
2004: Traffic (TV mini-series) - Ben Edmonds
2001-2002: Pasadena (TV series) - Nate Greeley
2002: Deuces Wild - Jimmy Pockets
2002: Run for the Money - Eddie
2002: Corsairs (TV movie)
2001: The Center of the World - Brian Pivano
2001: MacArthur Park - Steve
2001: Sol Goode - Sol Goode
2000: Four Dogs Playing Poker - Julian
2000: Shadow Hours - Michael Holloway
1999: Out in Fifty - Lefty
1998: Fait Accompli - A.J. Merchant
1997: Big City Blues - Walter
1997: The Hunger (TV series) - James Chandler
1997: Habitat - Andreas Symes
1997: Lost Highway - Pete Dayton
1996: White Squall - Tod Johnstone
1995: Mr. Holland's Opus - Stadler
1995: Judge Dredd - Cadet Nathan Olmeyer
1995: Toughguy - Chad's Friend
1994: Natural Born Killers - Gas Station Attendant
1994: Dead Beat - Rudy
1994: Don't Do It - Jake
1994: Cityscrapes: Los Angeles - Leader
1993: Red Hot - Alexi
1992: Halfway House (short)
1992: Where the Day Takes You - Little J
1991: December - Allister Gibbs
1991: The Pope Must Die - Joe Don Dante
1991: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - Jud, Jolie's Son
1990: Young Guns II - Tom O'Folliard
1990: Lord of the Flies - Ralph
1989: Nightmare Classics (TV series) - Miles




6' (1.83 m)


On being a famous Getty) I didn't get teased much about it in school, because it was a slightly older generation who knew about it. I really didn't know what it was to be a Getty. I had a pretty modest upbringing.


Spouse: Rosetta Millington (3 May 2000 - present) (separated)

Son of Gisela Getty and Paul Getty Jr..

Great-grandson of Jean Paul Getty.

His aunt, Aileen Getty, was married to Elizabeth Taylor's son, Christopher Wilding.

He has four children: son Cassius Paul (born: 2000) and daughters Grace (born: 2001), Violet (born: 2003)and June Catherine (born:2007).

Eric Dane is godfather of his son Cassius.

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