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Atalya Slate is a student from Brooklyn, New York and was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.  She was one of the youngest contestants.

On the second episode, the models were asked to portray homeless women being surrounded by  top fashion models in their photo shoot, Atalya was criticized for being over-enthusiastic, and was placed in the bottom two with Amis .  The judges eliminated Atalya for lacking high fashion appeal, despite the fact that Kimberly had just quit the competition. She was the second model to leave the competition, but was the first girl eliminated.

Atalya described the experience as a stressful one.  She said she was happy, excited and nervous all in one.
The contestant that impressed Atalya on the first photo shoot was Lauren , considering the fact that Lauren was a punk rocker from the streets but she pulled off the photo shoot.

On the fights inside the house, Atalya confessed there were lots more that weren't aired on TV.  She said the atmosphere was like a very big dorm room, wherein there were 13 girls all competing for the same prize.  That's why it should be expected that there will be arguments, fights and dramas here and there, according to her.  Atalya tried to stay out of the drama as much as she could because she wanted to focus on winning.

Atalya also said that what the audience never knew was that they actually bonded there.  “We played little games.  There was a lot of stuff you guys didn't get to see, but overall it was kind of fun living on my own with a bunch of girls.”

Judge Paulina Porizkova complimented Atalya for her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes.  But Atalya was also warned to be careful with her angles because her chin has the tendency to get pointy.  Atalya was thankful for the critique and found it useful.

Since then, she appeared in the Fabolous video “Throw it in the Bag" and in the Seventeen Magazine August 2009 issue. She has also signed with Wilhelmina Models.
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Brooklyn, New York

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Atalya Slater




2009: Notorious - Female Fan
2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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