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Ashley 's hometowns are Wells Beach, Maine, and Chagrin Falls, Ohio, but she now resides in Chicago, Illinois. She is a senior sales manager for catering in Marriott Downtown, a three-star hotel in downtown Chicago. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire. Among other things, she singles out shopping for shoes as her main hobby.

Ashley became known as one of the women who will be competing for the attention of Matt Neustadt in the CW reality show Farmer Wants a Wife . Matt, a soybean farmer from Portage Des Sioux, Missouri, took ten city women out of their fast and chaotic urban lifestyle to experience life in the farm, while hoping to spark romantic connections in the process.

Ashley tackled a series of farm-themed challenges that will test her adaptability and suitability to deal with country life, all the while aiming to gain Matt's interest. She was eliminated on the sixth episode of the show..

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