Artistry in Motion



Artistry in Motion is one of nine crews that are part of the fourth season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Based in North Hollywood, CA, the group of African-American women aim to break the stereotype that they are “bootyshakers”. Introducing a style that they call “contemp-hop”, they believe they can go up against any male crew, and with a combination of energy, passion and sex appeal, they think they can do just that.

23-year-old Angelina “Angel” Ginn is a nursing graduate, and is very active in church.

20-year-old Ashley Irvin moved from Canada, currently works as an events planner, and is a confessed shopaholic.

21-year-old Brianna “Bri” Tarleton considers herself “garbage disposal” because she eats way too much, and had a traumatic experience as an almost kidnap victim—until an undercover cop saved her.

20-year-old Danielle “Danni” Boston was an honor student at Pepperdine University, and beats boys at basketball.

29-year-old Donyelle Jones is the big sister of the crew: she was part of the top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance’s second season, and currently works as a hairstylist.

20-year-old Larissa Crecco performed as a dancer for Missy Elliott, and can do a mean Britney Spears impersonation.

20-year-old Liz LeGrande holds a scholarship at the University of the Arts, and oddly, learned dancing only by watching videos on YouTube.

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