A key player in the Miami nightlife scene, Ariel never fails to make it to any VIP list of the city’s hottest parties. He’s a regular at clubs and is never one to sit still. Despite his wild nightlife, he works as one of the industry’s premiere fashion producers. He also serves as Vice President in one of their family’s businesses: 20/20 Vision Management Inc.

Ariel boasts of being close friends with some of the top fashion designers and celebrities of the generation, and admits that his social life is like an actual job for him. He has to keep up with almost everything to make sure there will never be any dull moments when he’s around. As he considers the posh streets of South Beach as his personal playground, he doesn’t stop trying to make his mark as part of the city’s fast-paced “It Crowd.” His influence in fashion and entertainment has always been a boon for him, making things at least a little bit easier.

As one of the stars in Miami Social, Ariel joins Sorah, Michael, Katrina, Hardy, Maria and George in this reality docu-series set in the country’s liveliest city. The show follows this group of young professionals as they face their corporate duties by day and party all the way at night. There’s a lot going on in Miami, which is an international cultural melting pot of people all ready to face the South Beach sun and fun. These wealthy hopefuls are all searching for something better, and there’s no other place to find it than Miami.

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