Anita and Arthur


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The Amazing Race 13
1st Leg: Last Place/Eliminated

1st Team Eliminated - 9/28/2008

Married couple Anita and Arthur Jones is one of the 11 pairs participating in the 13th season of The Amazing Race. Having known for each other for 26 years—14 married—they hope to make the most out of the race, experiencing the world and immersing in their biggest adventure yet.

63-year-old Anita and 61-year-old Arthur are no strangers to hard work. The beekeeper couple make and sell their own honey, and are responsible for maintaining their land, chopping wood and making sure the bees are where they should be. They have also recently purchased their own organic blueberry farm.

Anita describes herself as optimistic, enthusiastic and compassionate. Arthur, on the other hand, describes himself as a problem solver—too much, perhaps, to the point that Anita is sometimes annoyed at it. If there’s one thing in common between the two, Arthur says, it’s their belief in the goodness of people. They hope that it, along with their energy and free-spirited nature get them through the race and, most importantly, help them learn more about each other.

Exclusive Interview: Anita and Arthur, from 'The Amazing Race 13'

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Anita and Arthur



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The Amazing Race, Season 13, 11th Place






"Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!" – Anita

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