Andrew Rannells


Date Of Birth

August 23, 1978


American actor and singer Andrew Rannells is best known for his role as Elder Price in the Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon". This earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Performances by a Lead Actor in a Musical.

Raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Rannells attended Creighton Preparatory School and later went to Marymount Manhattan College.

Rannells started as a voice actor, appearing in several 4Kids and DiC shows and video games. He got featured later on as a soloist on the Broadway musical "Cast Recording" where he won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theather Album. His other musical credits include "Jersey Boys", "Hairspray", "Avenue Q", and "The Book of Mormon", a musical written by the creators of "South Park", Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

In 2012, Rannells appeared on the HBO series Girls. He also landed a role in Glee creator Ryan Murphy's show, "The New Normal.

Place of Birth

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Birth Name

Andrew Scott Rannells



Fun Facts

Rannells is openly gay.


Grammy Award for Best Musical Theather Album for "Cast Recording"


2012-present Girls (TV Series)
2013-2014 How I Met Your Mother (TV Series)
2014 Russian Broadway Shut Down (Short)
2013 Comedy Bang! Bang! (TV Series)
2012-2013 The New Normal (TV Series)
2012 Bachelorette
2012 Kirby 3D (Short)
2010 Sex and the City 2
2006 Bully (Video Game)
2006 Pokémon Chronicles (TV Series)
2003-2006 Sonic X (TV Series)
2005 One Piece: Pirates Carnival (Video Game)
2005 Shadow the Hedgehog (Video Game)
2001-2005 Pokemon (TV Series)
2004 F-Zero GP Legend (TV Series)
2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum (Video Game)
2004 Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
2002-2003 Cubix: Robots for Everyone (TV Series)
2003 The Archies in Jug Man (Video)
2003 Funky Cops (TV Series)
2003 The Fight for the Fox Box (TV Movie)
2001-2003 Fighting Cooking Legend Bistro Recipe (TV Series)
2002 The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear
2002 Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776 (TV Series)
2002 Shaman King (TV Series)
2002 Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy (TV Series)
2002 Mew Mew Power (TV Series)
2001 Tama and Friends (TV Series) (voice)
2001 Yûgiô (TV Series)
2001 Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (TV Series)
2000-2001 Yûgiô: Duel Monsters (TV Series)
1999-2000 One Piece (TV Series)
1999 Archie's Weird Mysteries (TV Series)
1994-1995 Street Sharks (TV Series)

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