Andrea Anders


Date Of Birth

May 10 , 1975


Actress Andrea Anders was born on May 10, 1975 in Madison, Wisconsin. She spent her childhood in the nearby town of DeForest, and eventually graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin’s Stevens Point campus in 1997. After a short stint on the daytime soap One Life to Live, as well as a handful of television commercials, she pursued an MFA degree from Rutgers University, graduating there in 2001.

Upon graduation, Anders kicked off her career on both theater and screen. While becoming a regular in the Broadway circuit, with appearances in Proof, The Graduate and On the Jump, she began taking minor roles on television, beginning with a guest role on an episode of Law & Order. She took a five-episode story arc on the acclaimed HBO prison drama Oz, before appearing in perhaps her best known role, on the sitcom Joey. She appeared as Alex Garrett in the Friends spin-off—a slightly ditzy lawyer who falls for the title character, played by Matt LeBlanc. The two eventually started dating off-screen.

When Joey was cancelled in 2006, Anders took a role in another comedy series, The Class. There, she appeared as Nicole Allen, a popular girl in high school and now the unfulfilled trophy wife of football player Yonk (David Keith). The series was not renewed for a second season, and she moved on to take roles in different films, such as Stepford Wives and Sex Drive. Later, she was seen on the show Numb3rs, before she began working on a number of pilots that weren’t greenlit. These were Spellbound and News to Me, though she later found a place in the ABC sitcom Better Off Ted as Linda Zwordling. When the series was canceled in 2010, Anders was cast on the comedy Mr. Sunshine, portraying the romantic interest of the title character played by Matthew Perry.

Place of Birth

Madison, WI

Birth Name

Andrea Anders



Fun Facts





- The Stepford Wives (2004)
- Never Been Thawed (2005)
- Sex Drive (2008)

- One Life to Live (recurring, 1998)
- Guiding Light (recurring, 2001)
- Oz (recurring, 2003)
- Joey (regular, 2004-2006)
- The Class (regular, 2006-2007)
- Better Off Ted (regular, 2009-2010)
- Mr. Sunshine (regular, 2011)






On doing television: "I absolutely love it. And I'm ridiculously fortunate to get a chance to experience the sitcom world. The schedule is extremely easy, and you get fed as an artist because you're not only working on a project, but you get to work with cameras and you get the audience there. It was difficult to see "Joey" (2004) go away, but the experience was a blast to me. If our call time was 10 a.m., then I'd get there at 6 a.m. and just hang out. I just love being welcomed onto a lot to go do your job. Every day you see the security guards, and you think, 'Oh, this is so wonderful!'"

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