Andre Birleanu


Date Of Birth

August 7, 1982


Andre Birleanu (born August 7, 1982) is a Romanian born model, particularly known for being on the reality TV show America's Most Smartest Model. When he was a child, his mother Carmen fled Romania to escape his abusive father Vladimir,in the hopes she would be able to make a better life for herself and one day resuce her son. Vladimir made it impossible for Carmen to get her son.When Birleanu reached legal age, he escaped to the US with the help of his mother and settled in NYC. He began waiting tables to support himself. His unusual looks peeked the interest of several modeling agencies, but his constant arrests, abrasiveness, and arrogance kept him from achieving success. Birleanu has a history of domestic violence against women, with his first arrest in 1998,and a record which includes stalking.Calvin French, the then director of Boss Models still saw the potential in Birleanu and encouraged him to stay focused and out of trouble. Birleanu is often quoted as extolling his Russian heritage, but records clearly show that he was indeed born and raised in Romania to Romanian parents. It is unclear as to the occupations of his parents.Birleanu married his long-term girlfriend, Alessandra Fiore, on November 14, 2007. The following month the pair learned that they were expecting a baby.

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Andre Birleanu



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