Anand Vasudev



A graduate of Emory University, the Florida native Anand Vasudev is known for working at a private firm that manages numerous multi-million dollar investments in real estate. He has had plenty of success throughout his life, having been the youngest person to earn a senior role promotion at a Fortune 500 company. Over the years, he has developed a high level of expertise and was thought indispensable. However, circumstances failed him as the economic recession took place. He was laid off from his job, leading him to focus his energies elsewhere. He then moved to New York City to follow his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. There, he struggled to launch an idea of his: vitamin-infused wine. While doing so, he also found himself involved in the media business.

In 2010, Anand Vasudev became one of the contenders for The Apprentice. He lasted long in the competition, earning a few rewards and only getting fired in the ninth episode of the show. This was because he lied to Donald Trump and cheated, which led to his instant elimination.




2010: The Apprentice - Contestant

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