Amy Sarabi



Amy Sarabi is a designer from Plano, TX who works as a permalancer at Men’s Active Old Navy. At 7 years old, she had already started making garments at her aunt’s tailor shop, but realized that she had the potential to design her own garments when she was 12. She then pursued her education, eventually earning her degree. She then underwent intensive training in womenswear, menswear and illustration afterwards.

Inspired by her Belgian and French mentors, Amy Sarabi admits that she looks to sequences in nature to encourage her in her work. Aside from fashion though, this lady enjoys snowboarding and says she would probably be a chef if she wasn’t in this business.

Most people find Amy Sarabi a motivated person, so when she got the e-mail asking her to audition for a reality show, she didn’t hesitate. This led her to land a spot as a contestant on the seventh season of Project Runway, set in New York. She became one of the 16 designers vying for the top prize and the chance to launch their careers in the fashion industry. She was eliminated in episode 9 of the series, when she was tasked to work with fellow contestant Jonathan. She continued to pursue her career in fashion design, having sold some of her garments in San Francisco.

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