Amy Forth


Date Of Birth

January 16th


Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Amy Forth is a 29-year-old involved in property management. She was home-schooled during her high school years, later graduating at the age of 16. As a teenager, she dabbled in competitive skating. She soon pursued her other interests, majoring in theater arts for college and holding a minor degree in psychology. She then delved into residential multi-family property management, giving her the opportunity to move throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, she ended up in San Diego. Since 2006, Amy Forth has been a public ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. She also finds inspiration in her mother, Shauna, who raised her as a single parent and played an essential role in her life. She also admits that in her spare time, “I enjoy ice skating, painting, researching odd subjects, radical changes to my lifestyle and appearance, having a few cocktails, and overanalyzing people in my head as though I have two hamsters in my brain farting out question marks.” Amy Forth is one of the girls in NBC’s reality series Momma’s Boys. Executive produced by Ryan Seacrest, the show focuses on a group of mothers who are out to choose the perfect lady for their sons. Rivalries bring about tension, as the moms and the girls go head to head in influencing the decisions of the bachelors. The series boldly poses the question “Who is really the most important woman in every man's life?”

Place of Birth


Birth Name

Amy Herdklotz
Amy Shea
Amy Forth



Fun Facts

Her grandfather, Edward J. Lakso, was a very prominent writer in Hollywood. He wrote for Charlie's Angels, Mod Squad, Star Trek, etc.

She used to be a competetive figure skater.

She has been known to create random profiles on youtube.



Info-mercial with Susan Lucci for Youthful Essence.






"I need to remember to breath."

"You don't know till you know and you never really know."

"Everyone always thinks that I'm so well put together, or so they say, but inside I'm kinda a mess. If someone actually spent a day in my head they would probably have a new found respect for me."

"I swear I just woke up and I'm in the Matrix."

"Sex is fun. If more people had sex or at least masterbated, more people would be smiling."

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