Amy Davis


Date Of Birth

June 19th, 1982


Amy Davis (or, Amy Jean Davis, whichever you prefer) is a 25 year old woman from Cedar Lake, Indiana. She auditioned for American Idol in Dallas with an impressive rendition of “Blue Bayou.” Amy Davis considers Patti Griffin her very biggest musical influence. She has never had any real formal training, but has been singing since a very young age and can even play some guitar.

Amy Davis' stint on American Idol was very short. She says in her Exit Interview that it was more of a technical issue that caused her to be thrown off the competition at such an early stage.

"I've been using in-ear monitors for the last two years, consistently. And so the way my brain works is very mechanical," she explained. "It's not very creative and go with the flow like a lot of musicians work. And my brain is just trained to use the in-ear monitors that just blares my vocal in my ear, so I can stay on pitch...I just could not retrain my ears quick enough to stay on key. So it was my bad skills that I couldn't improve quickly enough."

Despite her early elimination, Amy says that she has come away from American Idol with lessons at hand.

"One of the things I learned was how a huge television show is put together, got to see all the behind the scenes of the people that do the work, the stage guys, the sounds guys, publicity, legal all of that, I got a really good introduction and crash course into what it takes to put on a huge TV show," she said. "And there are some many people involved and it's magical seeing all of these people, such a huge team of people working together, as a team, to make it happen. And I just have so much respect for them. It was just a really cool thing."

She also has some advice for aspiring Idol contenders, saying, "Advice for the next top 24 is to just, number one, stay true to who you are, of course; you've always got to do that. But number two, just pay attention to everything that is going on around you, try to take as much of it in, take notes. Just try to stay grounded so that you can take as much as you can from the show, when you ultimately leave, whether it’s as the second place contestant or as the next American Idol."

Week 1: "Where the Boys Are"

Ten Best Performances of the Season
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Place of Birth

Lowell, Indiana

Birth Name

Amy Davis



Fun Facts

Is A Professional Model
Was A Former Waitress
She was eliminated the first week after singing "Where The Boys Are". Because of her scratchy, pitchy, and cracking singing voice she is known to be one of the worst singers although she is sometimes forgotten since she was on American idol for one day.
Davis is half Japanese




American Idol Season 7-Top 24th Place







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