Amanda Valentine



Amanda Valentine is a designer from Nashville and the youngest of five children. She works as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer. In the past she has worked as janitor and a sales and marketing coordinator for a shoe company in L.A.

Amanda, who took sewing lessons in junior high and high school and has a bachelor's degree in Clothing and Textile Design from the University of Nebraska, was also one of the contestants of Project Runway season 11. She was eliminated in the challenge involving the male revue Thunder From Down Under. In 2014, she made her reality TV comeback as part of the cast of Project Runway season 13. She made until the end and was named the runner-up.



Fun Facts

-She auditioned twice on Project Runway several years ago and took a break from auditioning to get married. But her husband insisted to give it another try because he had a "really good feeling about it."


2014 Project Runway season 13
2012 Project Runway season 11



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