Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz


Date Of Birth



Before being on Survivor: Caramoan Allie was a bartender living in Oceanside, New York. In high school she was the editor-in-chief of their school magazine.

Alexandra Pohevitz's motivation for being on the show is the money.

She was the second person voted out of Survivor: Caramoan.

Place of Birth


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Alexandra Pohevitz



Fun Facts

Allie Pohevitz's hobbies include hanging out with friends and working out. Turn offs are dirty people.

She describes herself as hilarious, cunning and observant.

When competing on Survivor Allie was on tribe Gota. She also compares herself to Jenna Morasca because she is intelligent, knew when to use sex appeal, play dumb, when to win and when to be smart.




Survivor: Caramoan, Season 26.






"I get annoyed when people can't keep their stories straight. I don't even mind if you lie to me. Just keep track of your lies, you fool." Allie on pet peeves.

"People will underestimate me until it's too late." Allie on why she thinks she will win Survivor

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