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Ali Vincent of Mesa Arizona is the 32-year-old daughter of Bette-Sue , a 52-year-old former motivational speaker and speed swimming champion. An outgoing and beautiful woman, Ali sees herself as a prisoner trapped inside her body. Currently working as a hair dresser in a salon, she knows that being overweight is a big taboo in the world of beauty. She aspired to become a platform artist for a large corporation, but her weight hinders her from her dreams. Like her mother, she was once a magnificent swimmer, as she was a champion synchronized swimmer that represented the USA on the world stage.

Ali and her mother Bette-Sue, are often mistaken for sisters, as they have a close mother-daughter relationship and often act like siblings. Bette-Sue also went to beauty school to pursue hair dressing like her daughter. She is currently apprenticing under Ali at the salon, an activity which will yet strengthen their admirable relationship. Bette-Sue and Ali comprised Team Pink on NBC's The Biggest Loser 5, where Ali's starting weight was 234 lbs. Ali and Bette-Sue were eliminated on week four, but during week 11, were both brought back. Ali, who lost an additional 67 pounds (28.63%) since leaving the show, made it back into the game as a contestant, and even became the biggest loser for the week. On the live finale weigh in, Ali weighed in at 122 pounds, after losing 112 pounds and 47.86% of her original body weight, and became the very first female Biggest Loser winner.

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