Alex Delgado



With his background in mechanical engineering, Alex Delgado has been employed as an inspector/materials testing technician. His earlier success was halted by the economic recession and he was laid off from his job, which led him to work as a tow truck driver. He is also a family man with a wife and two kids, but is as business-minded as they come. He has undergone several endeavors, from owning a car restoration company to playing in a rock band. The California resident has also overseen million-dollar projects thanks to his resilience and ability to improve upon an idea.

In 2010, Alex Delgado was chosen as one of the contestants in The Apprentice. Even though he tried his best, he was fired in the second week and was told he lacked passion. While he was filming, however, his wife received a call from a company he applied to: Earth Systems Pacific. He even considered leaving the show for it, and when he did he started another job wherein he verifies the efficiency of construction materials.




2010: The Apprentice - Contestant

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