Al Pacino


Date Of Birth

25 April, 1940


Al Pacino is an American award-winning actor and director regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in all film history. The son of Italian-Americans Rose and Salvatore Alfred Pacino, he was born on April 25, 1940 in East Harlem, Manhattan. His parents separated when he was only two years old.

Al Pacino started his acting career in 1966, when he made it to the prestigious Actors Studio and studied acting under the legendary Lee Strasberg. He finally made fame for himself when he won the Obie Award, for the stage play The Indian Wants the Bronx. He then bagged the Tony Award for Does the Tiger Wear Necktie? In 1969, Al Pacino starred in his first movie Me, Natalie. He then followed it by his junkie role in the 1971 The Panic in Needle Park. But it was in 1972 that Al Pacino landed a role that would forever earn him the respect of his fellow actors. He was chosen as cast of the Francis Ford Coppola film The Godfather, playing Michael Corleone, which is considered to be one of the most sought-after roles in film history. The role earned Pacino his first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. With his newly established fame, Pacino could have chosen easier roles for money, but he chose to support more important films instead, such as Serpico (1973) and Dog Day Afternoon (1975). Because of his brave choice of roles, he was nominated for three consecutive years as Best Actor in the Academy Award. After a series of unsuccessful movies, Pacino once again returned in the big screen, playing a vicious gangster role in the 1983 Scarface. The film cemented Pacino’s reputation as a highly respected actor. His comedic role in Dick Tracy (1990) earned him another Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. It was also in this year that he made his return as Michael Corleone in The GodFather: Part III. The following year, he did a romantic role in Frankie and Johnny. In 1992, Pacino finally won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his stunning performance in Scent of a Woman. This was then followed by a series of films with more comfortable roles for Pacino including Carlito’s Way (1993), Heat (1995), Looking for Richard (1996), City Hall (1996), Donnie Brasco (1997), The Devil’s Advocate (1997), The Insider (1999), and Any Given Sunday (1999).

Place of Birth

New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Alfredo James Pacino



Fun Facts

One of the few Hollywood stars who has never married.

Son of Sal Pacino (insurance agent) and Rose Pacino (she died when Al was 22).

He has a daughter, named Julie Marie (b. 10-16-1989), with acting teacher Jan Tarrant.

Father of twins Anton and Olivia (b. 25 January 2001), with Beverly D'Angelo.

His grandparents originate from Corleone, Sicily.

He is the stepson of actress and make-up artist Katherin Kovin-Pacino.

He has four sisters: Josette, a teacher, twins Roberta Pacino and Paula, and a younger sister named Desiree, whom Pacino's father adopted whilst married to his fourth wife.

Won his first Oscar twenty-one years after his first nomination.

While Paramount brass dithered over whether to cast him as Michael Corleone in The Godfather (1972), the role that would make him a star, a frustrated Pacino signed up for the role of Mario Trantino in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (1971). When Paramount finally decided to offer him the role in "The Godfather", it had to buy him out of his contract with MGM. Ironically, the role went to Robert De Niro, whom The Godfather: Part II (1974) would make a star.

His favorite actress is Julie Christie.

Grew up in the South Bronx, New York City

Attended The High School of the Performing Arts until he dropped out.

Shares a birthday with Talia Shire, his co-star in The Godfather films.

His favorite color is black


Won Oscar. Another 27 wins & 37 nominations.

Academy Awards, USA:

1993: Best Actor in a Leading Role
for: Scent of a Woman (1992)

1993: (nominated) - Best Actor in a Supporting Role
for: Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

1991: (nominated) - Best Actor in a Supporting Role
for: Dick Tracy (1990)

1980: (nominated) Best Actor in a Leading Role
for: ...And Justice for All. (1979)

1976: (nominated) Best Actor in a Leading Role
for: Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

1975: (nominated) Best Actor in a Leading Role
for: The Godfather: Part II (1974)

1974: (nominated) Best Actor in a Leading Role
for: Serpico (1973)

1973: (nominated) Best Actor in a Supporting Role
for: The Godfather (1972)






5' 7" (1.70 m)


Did you know I started out as a stand-up comic? People don't believe me when I tell them.

The problem with me is, I guess, the way I express myself, you have to be with me 50 years before you can get a sense of what I'm talking about.

I can't say I've been sober though. I don't like that word. What does it mean? 'Sober! He's very sober'.

There are times when I have a temperament. Yes, my temperament is there ... but I hope I'm gentle. Yes, I think I am.

hope the perception is that I'm an actor, I never intended to be a movie star.

I'm constantly striving to break through to something new. You try to maintain a neutral approach to your work, and not be too hard on yourself.

I guess you find yourself repeating certain motifs. But at the heart of it all, I'm an actor, always looking for a role. And then you try to make things fresh.

People always said that time, the '70s, was about pretty boys, and then I came along!

[on his friend and Heat (1995) co-star Robert De Niro] We know each other's minds. We have shared some things that are personal to us, such as our roles. I know Bobby through his roles. But, then, I don't think we actually talked about the actual work of actors.

[on his friend and Heat (1995) co-star Robert De Niro] I remember seeing things that Bob had done in the past, and very recent times, and have been taken with the work so much that I even wrote [him] about it. Some of his great work -- which is plenty -- I was staggered by the subtlety of his portrayal and the warmth, which is what we often talk about with Bob among us actors who admire him so. It is the warmth and the way he approaches things.

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