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Aimee Wright, a hostess from Spanaway, Washington, was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

During her time on America's Next Top Model, Aimee had solid photos, and was praised for her Elle Macpherson lingerie photoshoot in episode 2, but on episode 4, "Where's the Beef?," she struggled during her meat photoshoot. During episode 6, during the music genres photoshoot, Aimee struggled to portray R&B music, and was eliminated. She was the fifth model eliminated from cycle 10.

Despite her age, Aimee believed she was definitely ready for the competition.  In her opinion, she was more mature than the other girls there.  She described the fights in the house as petty and ridiculous.  “It'd be over really stupid stuff, so a lot of times I just tried to stay out of the drama.  I'm not one to really get in on the arguments with people.”

The judges said she was too young and that she needed to experience life more and Aimee understood them.  “They just want me to maybe travel and get out there more.  Get into the modeling world and really experience it for what it really is.  I think they just feel like I'm more sheltered than I really am,” she explained.

But Aimee also admitted there were times she was confused and frustrated with the judges’ comments.  When she was criticized for looking a lot of a chameleon, Aimee didn’t get it.  “I had always seen being a chameleon as such a positive thing, and yet they were kind of criticizing me for it,” she shared.

After ANTM, Aimee intends to apply for college first before modeling full time.  “I think it's important to have an education or foundation to really get anywhere, because if modeling ends up not working out, I really want to have a backup plan,” she said. She did make it in the modeling industry however, getting signed to Heffner Model Management in Seattle, Washington.

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Spanaway, Washington

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Aimee Wright




2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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