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Adriana Nussbaumer became known as a contestant in season two of the HGTV reality series Design Star. She is a native of Orange County, California. She attended various classes at Mission Viejo College, becoming a self-taught designer, and works as a businesswoman and interior designer. She believes that a designer’s best friend is a color swatch, due to paint being affordable and bringing immediate impact to any room.

She calls her personal design style a “why not” approach, and describes it as both fearless and creative. Her other favorite design styles include rustic, eclectic, and casual elegance. She says that designers should often step back from their room and regain perspective on how it’s coming along, and not to be discouraged if new ideas don’t always work the first time. Her favorite designer is Candice Olson, and she says that if she weren’t working as a designer, she’d be a painter instead. Her favorite rooms to design are family rooms, and she’s proud of her sketching abilities, claiming that she can literally sketch for clients within seconds.

On the series Design Star, she lasted until the third episode and has since returned to her work. She has done over 200 rooms and continues to do so with her design business, gathering even more experience along the way.

(Photo courtesy of HGTV)

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