Adrian Pasdar


Date Of Birth

April 30, 1965


American actor Adrian Pasdar was born on April 30, 1965 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He studied at the University of Florida with a football scholarship, but due to a car accident, he turned his focus on campus stage productions, which sparked his interest in acting and writing.
Unable to play football anymore, he left school
and joined the People’s Light and Theatre Company in Malvern, Pennsylvania, where he worked as part of the construction crew.

Pasdar got his big film break at age 19, when he auditioned for a role on Top Gun. The film’s director, Tony Scott, was so impressed that he wrote the part of Chipper especially for him. This led to roles in other films such as Solarbabies, Streets of Gold, Near Dark and Vital Signs, and eventually, his biggest break in movies, the 1992 film Just Like a Woman, where he plays a transvestite opposite Julie Walters. He then took a break from acting, moving back to New York and taking the occasional small part.

In 1996, Pasdar broke out to television, when he played the lead character—an unethical executive of a multinational corporation—in the short-lived series Profit. His next major television role was in the cult science fiction series Mysterious Ways, where he played the lead character, anthropology professor Declan Dunn. He also played ADA David McClaren in the last two seasons of Judging Amy. His guest roles on television include bits for Touched by an Angel, The Twilight Zone and as the lawyer of Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria-Parker) on Desperate Housewives.

His biggest role on television so far is as Nathan Petrelli on the hit series Heroes—the ambitious and pragmatic congressman with the power of self-controlled flight. Despite the success of his television career, he hasn’t turned his back on films: recent credits include The Big Day, Secondhand Lions and Home Movie. He has also turned to directing, working behind-the-scenes on the 1999 art film Cement, which won him an award on the following year’s Houston International Film Festival.


Place of Birth

Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Birth Name

Adrian Kayvan Pasdar



Fun Facts

Pasdar is married to Natalie Maines (of the country music group Dixie Chicks) since June 24, 2000. The couple first met in May 1999, at the wedding of band member Emily Robison and singer-songwriter Charlie Robison.

His hobbies include skydiving, riding a Harley and playing chess.


In 2009, Pasdar won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in Television for Heroes.

In 2000, he won an Audience Award Drama for Cement. That same year, he also won the Grand Award for Theatrical Feature Film for the same movie.


1986 -Top Gun
-Streets of Gold
1987 -Made in USA
-Near Dark
1989 -Cookie
1990 -Torn Apart
1991 -Shanghai 1920
1992 -Just Like a Woman
1993 -The Killing Box
1994 -The Last Good Time
-Shadows of Desire (TV)
1995 -Slave of Dreams (TV)
1996 -Profit (TV series)
1997 -Feds (TV series)
1999 -Police Officer in Dixie Chicks music video "Goodbye Earl"
-House of Frankenstein 1997 (TV)
1998 -The Outer Limits (TV series)
2000-2002 -Mysterious Ways (TV series)
2003-2005 -Judging Amy (TV series)
2005 -Desperate Housewives (TV series)
2006-2010 -Heroes (TV series)
2010 -Garden of Evil




5'10" (1.78).


"This is merely the first of ten children" - said on announcing that he and his wife Natalie (Dixie Chicks singer) are expecting their first child in April 2001.

"I love directing. It's a different level of focus and a real mental challenge."

"I had gotten so out of touch with reality that one day in 1992 I just sold my house at a $200,000.00 loss, moved back East, and put my money into T-bills. I spent the next year working behind the counter and running the cash register for room and board at Vandam Diner, a little lower east Manhattan diner, owned by a friend's father."

"I've used every ounce of energy and every drop of money I had to make Cement (1999)." - on directing the feature film Cement (1999).

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