Adam Poch



Hailing from East Brunswick, New Jersey is Adam Poch. This 39-year-old inventory manager for a music company became known for joining the CBS reality competition Big Brother. He’s a big fan of the show, having faithfully watched it from the first season to the live feeds. Aside from his enthusiasm for the series, he also has a passion for heavy metal. Even though he has quite a temper, there’s a softer side to the guy which might just win over his fellow houseguests. He’s fond of concerts and hanging out with his friends, and hopes that he won’t be viewed as a threat by others.

Willing to do anything to win, Adam Poch is one of the contestants of Big Brother 13. This time, they’ll be working side by side with a Big Brother alum in order to wipe out the competition and win the grand prize of $500,000.

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