Robin Scherbatsky

Played by Cobie Smulders

Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) is a morning news anchor and roommate to architect Ted (Josh Radnor) on the television series, "How I Met Your Mother." Robin was initially introduced to her group of friends through Ted. She went out on a date with Ted and at the end of a seemingly perfect first date he professed to being in love with her. Robin was taken aback by this very sudden and quick exclamation of love and told him that they clearly wanted different things. They remained friends until Robin discovered that she still had feelings for Ted, but he was in a relationship at the time. When Ted's girlfriend left the country, he lied about breaking up with her to Robin to take the opportunity to date her again.

After a year of dating, Ted and Robin broke up after citing differences in where they wanted the relationship to go. Robin was not interested in commitment, while that is what Ted wanted. Around this time, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) discovered a secret from Robin's past, that she was the Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles. They became curious when she refused to ever go to the mall. Her hit song was, "Let's Go to the Mall, " which she had to sing in malls all over Canada.

At this point, Robin was offered a job with a news network, but the position was in Japan. Needing to advance her career from where it was, she took the job. She quit shortly afterwards and moved back to New York. She was unemployed and was about to be deported back to Canada when Barney helped her get a job as a morning show host. They became close and eventually developed a romantic relationship.

Barney and Robin had great romantic chemistry because they both enjoyed similar things, and they were both not very interested in a long-term committed relationship. They were together for a few months, but it did not last long. Even though they both had feelings for each other, they felt it would be best if they stopped dating and went back to being only friends.

At her morning show job, Robin initially disliked her co-worker Don Frank (Benjamin Koldyke). However, as he showed her his softer side she began to fall for him. They started dating and Robin was offered a position as a network news reporter. She turned down the job to stay with Don but when they offered the position to him, he accepted it saying it was too good to pass up. Robin moved on from Don and is now still looking for the right one.

Memorable Quotes:

"No woman in the history of the world is ever 'just sitting around, reading architecture magazines in my old cheerleader uniform.'"

"Didn't you hear? I got a job at CNN this morning. And I moved to a penthouse made of gold overlooking Central Park. Get your head out of your ass, Marshall."

"Everyone else is off falling in love and acting stupid and goofy and sweet and insane, but not me. Why don't I want that more? I *want* to want that... am I wired wrong or something?"

"Thanksgiving celebrates explorer Martin Frobisher's valiant but failed attempt to find a passage west."