You Must Remember This

Season 7, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 2/14/2011
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From FOX: When a waitress with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient‘s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she‘s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient.

‘House‘ Fan Columnist: Subjective Math

Yes, we‘ve seen a lot of ideas from this week‘s House before. In fact, much of the later seasons seem to be taking ideas from former seasons regarding the show‘s themes and tropes, but the bright spot in this particular episode is the angle from which House is coming. In "You Must Remember This," the patient of the week, Nadia, has a mysterious illness plus an uber-cool memory trick. She can‘t forget anything. But is her uniqueness isolating her from forming real connections to others? And what does this have to do with House and the qualities that make him different and typically alone?
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