Unplanned Parenthood

Season 7, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/18/2010
2 Ratings


A newborn experiences breathing problems and liver failure; House requests a female doctor be hired for the team; Cuddy asks House to baby-sit.

‘House‘ Fan Columnist: Two Men and a Baby

Did I miss something here? If I‘m struggling to find an interesting angle in which to write this review, we have a problem. In an episode titled, "Unplanned Parenthood," House gets to be the parent he never wanted to be. This episode was far too on the nose, especially since the writers have yet to give any of the team members an interesting storyline this season. Last season at this time, Chase had killed a dictator, House was wrestling with his living situation, and Foreman and Thirteen were on the outs. I‘m happy to see that the writers are working more from a comedic standpoint, but really, is this the best we can do given the talents of the regular cast and a guest star like Jennifer Grey? I thought the other episodes were a bit lacking, but this one unfortunately takes the cake. Bear in mind I am one of the show‘s biggest fans, and my disappointment is coming from the high standards that the people over at
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