Season 7, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/27/2010
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A seemingly healthy 14-year-old collapses during a skateboarding exhibition; House and Cuddy face the challenge of handling their romantic relationship at work.

‘House‘ Fan Columnist: Back to the Grind

House can‘t keep Cuddy locked away in his fortress forever. "Selfish" is the writer‘s answer to the question of how "Huddy" will function once they return to work. This episode puts us right back to where fans feel the most comfortable: at the hospital and with a great case for House to work on.  Each member of House‘s team, minus the absent Thirteen, has an opinion, or lack of an opinion on House‘s relationship. I can‘t help but wonder if this was the writer‘s version of their divided audience members‘ opinions on the direction the series has taken in light of the House/Cuddy pairing: "in favor, indignant, and indifferent." This episode easily could have been called "Selfless," but that would have made us all use our brains a little less. In typical
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