Out of the Chute

Season 7, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 3/14/2011
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From FOX: A young homeless man who is a former drug addict is found in a park showing signs of olfactory impairment and horrific scars and burn marks on his chest. With an uncertain identity and the patient‘s severely worsening conditions, the team looks to the patient‘s personal records and family history in order to understand his detachment.

‘House‘ Fan Columnist: My Body Is a Cage

When The Powers That Be decided to break up House and Cuddy, it became clear that they wanted to be showing off their favorite depressed, Vicodin-addicted doctor once again. To this I asked, are we really going to be getting something new? Or is this just the 2011 version of the pill-popping heartbroken doctor we saw after Stacy left? To be fair, he was in it a lot deeper with Cuddy at least as far as length and commitment go. And he was as happy as House is capable of. Well, tonight‘s episode started House‘s downward spiral and with some amazing musical selections, we‘re introduced to some new extremes of House‘s coping mechanisms. Make no mistake: The sunlight streaming in through House‘s hotel window was just about the only light in the start of what will most likely be a series of dark episodes. 
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