Dr. Robert Chase

Played by Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) is a charming intensive care specialist on Dr. Gregory House's (Hugh Laurie) medical team. He was hired to Dr. House's team as a favor from his father. At the beginning, he seems like the least experienced member of the team but does some soul-searching after killing a patient, because he was distracted over his father's death.

In the next season, Dr. Chase is determined to date his colleague Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). They begin a strictly sexual relationship, however Dr. Chase wants more. He then pursues her, until he is fired at the end of Season 4. They then begin to date, and eventually get married.

Dr. Chase is hired back on Dr. House's team while Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) is in charge and stays after Dr. House comes back. While Dr. Foreman is in charge, Dr. Chase makes the decision to fake a lab test in order to kill a patient who is a tyrannical dictator. This decision takes a toll on his marriage, eventually causing Allison to leave. He is currently chasing after numerous attractive women, in order to fill the void in his life.

Dr. Chase is a very likeable character. Although timid, he is usually willing to do the jobs that no one else on the team likes to do.

Memorable Quotes:

"Yeah, yell at me. That'll fix the kid."

"Cut me out of his cushy will."

"So everyone's a suspect because everyone wants to help House, except for me. I'm a suspect because I'm a petty, vindictive jerk?"