Dr. Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) is an immunology specialist on the team of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) on the television show "House." She often agrees with his diagnoses and carries out the orders even if they are against her better judgement. A talented doctor in her own right, she considers herself to have studied under House and that he is her mentor, for better or for worse.

In college, Allison fell in love with a man dying of terminal cancer and married him. He died after six months and she took it quite hard. In the first season, she is shown as having a crush on House. She eventually develops feelings for House, as she tends to have a soft spot for damaged men.

Cameron quits when House is forced by the new hospital benefactor to fire one of his team members. She later rejoins the team but only after making House promise to go on a date with her. They do, but she realizes that he does not share the same feelings that she does.

Eventually, she sleeps with teammate Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer). This leads to a casual relationship, but it eventually develops into something more serious and they get married. Her marriage ends when Dr. Chase deliberately kills a genocidal dictator they were treating. This leads directly to her departure from Dr. House's team and she made it clear she does not plan to return.

Memorable Quotes:

"I know... But... I'll always say yes to House. I studied under him, he's in my head. And if you gave anyone else this job they would always say no. Because - well because they should. House is insane!"

"I'm not showing him my boobs."