The Clearing

Season 2, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/11/2012
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‘Homeland‘ Recap: The Hit and Run Cover-Up Comes Out

If you‘ve hated the subplot of the Vice President‘s son, Finn, and Brody‘s daughter, Dana, committing a hit and run as I have, you likely won‘t have liked tonight‘s episode. (There are also other things wrong with it, aside from how that plot rears its head, that may cause you to dislike it.)Brody, who has committed sin upon sin this season and last, is struck with a sense of honesty and duty when he meets Rex, "the guy I could have been," and is later told by his wife that their daughter was involved in a hit and run that the Vice President‘s family wants to cover up. He wants to take his daughter to the police department and allow her to confess.
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