Season 2, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/28/2012
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‘Homeland‘ Recap: Carrie and Brody Are Finally Honest With Each Other

Just like in last season‘s "The Weekend" episode, Carrie and Brody lay it all out on the line in tonight‘s episode during the interrogation scene. There‘s honesty and intense, emotional relief that comes with that kind of brutal honesty throughout their Q&A.But Carrie isn‘t the first one to question Brody. Instead, that falls upon Quinn, who goes right for the jugular in the first few minutes -- he brings up Issa. Brody, who‘s used to physical and emotional torture from what happened to him in Iraq, easily deflects and denies. He even shows (at least on the outside) very little emotion when Quinn makes him watch Brody‘s confession video.
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