Turn and Face the Strange

Season 3, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/6/2009
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Hiro and Ando continue their road trip to deliver Matt Parkman Jr. to his father.

‘Heroes‘ Recap: Episode 3.22 "Turn and Face the Strange" (Page 1/3)

Tonight on Heroes, we open on HRG examining “Sylar’s” dead body. Danko enters and guarantees that Sylar is dead—no pulse. HRG asks how he pulled it off, and Danko says it was a knife, which he replaced with a metal spike at the base of the skull. HRG recalls the glass shard that worked until it melted in the Primatech fire. HRG is thoughtful, and acknowledges how long he’s been hunting Sylar. Danko says it’s funny how quickly he was able to come in and do the job—maybe HRG didn’t want to catch Sylar after all. HRG says maybe Danko is just better at it. Then an assistant comes in and gives HRG an odd message—his wife is here. Danko smiles and says, “Send her up.”
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