Episode 10

Season 9, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 8/16/2011
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‘Hell‘s Kitchen‘ Recap: Best of 8 Chefs Compete, 7 Chefs Compete

Overcooked sea bass, raw scallops, "get out!", "switch it off!" - you know the drill. It‘s business as usual in Hell‘s Kitchen. How did it go down this time? Tongue playThis week: blind taste test! And Elise won it for the red team. No wonder when some other people mistook crab meat for mushrooms, and filet mignon for turkey. While the red team had to fake being excited to go horse riding, the blue team had to peele grapes. Or as the announcer said: "while the ladies enjoyed the fruit of their labor, the blue team labored over their fruit." Witty. The ladies got their buzz on, Tommy exhibited some questionable humor ("I have grape expectations!" Har har har) - a great time was had by everyone. And Elise and Carrie even got into a fight over who is the bigger alcoholic!
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