Day Fourteen (1)

Season 5, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 5/14/2009
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The final two chefs prepare for their ultimate challenge. They must design their restaurants as well as create a winning menu. But they won‘t be there to oversee the renovations- Chef Ramsay flies them back to the Borgata where they compete to wow the Hotel‘s CEO with their signature dish.

‘Hell‘s Kitchen‘ Recap: Season 5 Finale Part One (Page 1/3)

Tonight: Part One of the Danny vs. Paula face-off begins now!But first, we see a wee-cap of this rollercoaster ride we call Hell‘s Kitchen Season 5, and watch as the other 14 chefs fall to Danny and Paula‘s talents, one after another. If you expect me to recap this recap of the episodes I have already recapped... think again, my friend. Because if you‘re reading this, you know what happened, right? Lacey was annoying! Carol was mean! Ben was loud! Colleen was inexplicable! Robert was awesome! Andrea was bossy! Et cetera, and so forth. Last week, Andrea hit her expiration date in Hell‘s Kitchen.
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