8 Chefs Compete

Season 10, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 7/17/2012
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‘Hell‘s Kitchen‘ Recap: It‘s Raw!

Last night on Hell‘s Kitchen, the Blue Team dominated in the blind taste test thanks to Justin‘s perfect score. Justin, Clemenza, Brian and Robyn enjoyed a day at the water park while the Red Team slaved away during delivery day. Tensions flared, as always, and prep for dinner service was not running as smoothly as one would hope. Will a distracted Clemenza be sent home for raw quail? Or will the argumentative one trick pony Kimmie be rid of the women don‘t trust her?Tonight is the Red versus Blue menu dinner service. The question is not only which team will come out on top but will all the remaining eight cheftestants survive the night? Chef Gordon Ramsay has already had to raise his voice and the first ticket hasn‘t even been called!
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