Wednesday March 23, 2005

Season 53, Episode 183 -  Air Date: 3/23/2005
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Dinah tries to get closer to Edmund as she offers him tips on how to win back Cassie. But, all her efforts only remind her of the sacrifice she is making. Jonathan busts into Tammy‘s room and rescues her from a fire. As Tammy thanks him and tends to his wound, he gets defensive and pushes her away. Hurt, Tammy heads home and there, realizing that her mother is gone, she finally learns the truth when Edmund confesses to his role in the barn fire. Upset, she leaves and runs into Sandy‘s arms. Meanwhile, Reva‘s trying to patch things up between Billy and Bill, but her focus is lost when Sandy calls, alerting her to Jonathan‘s latest adventure. Reva goes to see him at the hospital where he is receiving treatment for his burns and though he tries once again to draw her in, Reva forces herself to walk away from him. Meanwhile, Olivia fears she‘s losing Bill but he surprises her by coming to her defense during the family talk with Billy and Reva. Later, Bill admits for the first time that he