Tuesday March 29, 2005

Season 53, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 3/29/2005
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Distraught over the state of her marriage, Cassie drags Jeffrey onto the dance floor. The sexual tension becomes quickly obvious and Jeffrey has to take a step back. Cassie won‘t go back to the Beacon so they head back to his place. Meanwhile, Edmund is furious that Ross is sending Dinah away. He uses his Ambassador status to board the plane. There, Edmund and Dinah convince the passengers that they belong together as Edmund confirms for Dinah that she is carrying his baby. Edmund carries Dinah off the plane and Dinah is overwhelmed, having believed in the fairy tale they concocted. Later, Edmund brings Dinah back home to the farm. He tries to call Cassie, but she doesn‘t answer her phone. Harley asks Buzz to take care of her kids while she‘s gone. Buzz panics and asks Rick to take the job, citing that he‘s failed his own kids too many times. Rick suggests a compromise and invites the Coopers to move into his house. Meanwhile, a hopeless Frank ends up at a bar trying to drown his sorro