Thursday March 31, 2005

Season 53, Episode 189 -  Air Date: 3/31/2005
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At Company, a surprise party for Harley accidentally brings the Coopers and the Spauldings together. Harley takes the opportunity to speak to Danny about his and Marina‘s romance. Tensions between the Coopers and Spauldings remain, especially when Alan lets Harley know he has designs on Zach. To his surprise, she accepts the idea that Zach will need both sides of his family but Harley urges Gus to reconcile with his father so that he can keep an eye on Alan. Gus refuses once again, leaving Lizzie, Coop, Alan, Alex and the rest of the party to argue while Gus and Harley slip out. He takes her to his new apartment and there, they begin to make love. Tony brings Michelle to Laurel Falls where their romance began. He has chosen this place to ask her to marry him. She happily accepts but says they need Robbie‘s approval before making any plans. Cassie decides to go home and face Edmund. When she gets to the front door she hesitates once again and is shocked when Edmund calls her from Josh‘s