Friday April 1, 2005

Season 53, Episode 190 -  Air Date: 4/1/2005
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Michelle tells Danny that she and Tony are engaged, when the roof of the apartment caves in on them and Michelle is hit on the head. Her memories begin to return, and Michelle impulsively kisses Danny! Cassie and Jeffrey begin to make love, when Cassie pulls back. Edmund tries to convince Dinah not to leave the farm, when a stunned Tammy enters. Harley realizes that Gus‘ new apartment is near her prison. Later, Harley tells Bill she needs his help to keep Gus away. Olivia recruits Jonathan to trail Harris, and Jonathan steals Bill‘s wallet. When the bill for the meal came and Bill was left with no money to pay it with, he enters a ""Hot Bods"" contest to win the money.