Tuesday January 20, 2004

Season 52, Episode 141 -  Air Date: 1/20/2004
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Fearing for Harley’s safety, Gus conspires with Buzz to find a way into the prison. He dons the disguise of a prison guard but once inside, Lena spots him and nearly exposes him. But, Lena ends up covering for him and sends him off to rescue Harley. Meanwhile, Harley lands herself with a concussion and winds up under Mallet’s watch for the night. His attempts to keep her awake all night open up some old wounds and cause old feelings to resurface. Later, just as Harley finally begins to open up to Mallet, Gus walks in on the two of them in a compromising position. Alan battles his claustrophobia after being locked in the basement by Gus. Later, Lizzie is tipped off to his whereabouts when she overhears a conversation between Gus and Buzz and drags Coop along with her to seemingly rescue him. But, Lizzie startles both Coop and Alan when she doesn’t let Alan out, fearful of what he is capable of. It’s Coop who finally releases him but Alan is so angry, he makes a mysterious phone call, de