Ep. #140

Season 1, Episode 140 -  Air Date: 1/14/1953
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The jury finds Harley guilty of murder in the second degree. As the Coopers reel from the devastating blow, Alan feels justified in his revenge. Harley is lead out to the hallway where another felon recognizes her as being a former cop and threatens her. Later, Gus convinces Jeffrey and the judge to let Harley remain free until her sentencing. Gus gets to work on her appeal and Harley learns from Jeffrey that Gus is suffering from exhaustion. She orders Gus to get some rest then leaves to spend time with her family. Later, an emotionally exhausted Gus comes close to accepting Alan‘s offer of forgiveness but ultimately pushes it away. Cassie returns and sees Dinah and Ross arguing at the airport as he tries to force her out of town. Cassie leaves unseen but when she gets to the farmhouse, she can‘t bring herself to face Edmund. Later, Cassie finds herself having a drink with Jeffrey who is distraught over prosecuting Harley. Cassie is heartbroken over the news of Harley‘s trial and conf