Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 10/28/2011
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Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is part of a line of profilers charged with keeping the balance between humanity and mythological creatures.

‘Grimm‘ Premiere Recap: This is No Fairy Tale

After a pushback, Grimm has arrived on NBC. Fantasy lovers may have already checked in on Once Upon a Time, but do not get it twisted. Grimm is not sugary sweet with a cherry on top. No, sir. We‘re dealing with the bad guys here. Keep CSI in mind as you read ahead. You may just have to stretch your imagination a bit when picturing these villains. Off to a Great Start"Sweet dreams are made of these..." plays as a college student, wearing a red hoodie, is devoured by the Big Bad Wolf, maybe better known as a pedophile, as Grimm finally opens. Dectective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is in town, talking to his partner, Detective Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), when he sees a lovely young woman suddenly take a Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon-like form. Fast forward to the crime scene (the same song is playing) and there‘s a wolf‘s footprint in the forest. Creepy!
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